Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed

Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed

“I’m swinging with my eyes closed/Got my hair down a wide open road/I’m swinging with my eyes closed/Only god knows how far it goes” is the the chorus of the new Shania Twain song She performed on the ‘Today Show’ on June 16th. I so happened to stumble upon this song just last week and was hooked instantly. I replay the song at least 10 times before I went to bed but it had me thinking. I started to think that my life as a post graduate is basically the title of the song. Not only am I a post graduate from college but I’m also a young adult. Being as such, there comes a ton of responsibility but who said being an adult was easy.

“Life is short, nights are long/Nothing’s sure in this world till we’re gone/Fear disappears each time I close my eyes” is in the second verse of the song and it is true. life is short and nights are long and fear disappears when I’m asleep. The lyrics, vocals, music arrangement is strong. I personally think it makes an amazing summer song. It isn’t official a single just yet, but fingers crossed that it will be soon.


Shania’s “NOW” album will be available on September 29th.

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