i want to feel….

i want to feel….

i blog because i normally can’t say things aloud. i blog because it helps me get things off my chest. i am an internal processor; therefore, i have to truly think of the words i want to say before saying them out loud.

i crave dialogue. this wasn’t something i could have done years ago. i was too scared to let me people into my world of knowledge. even now, i’m a little hesitant but it’s a craving that never goes away.

i blog because it makes me happy. i blog because i feel that my words will connect to someone in the unknown world. sometimes i feel that i am only connecting with myself and it oddly makes me happy but also it makes me weary.

i crave dialogue to want to connect with other people. i want to feel connected. many years have gone by without belonging but i know i belong. eventually i will stop my brain from telling me otherwise but the patterns don’t add up.

i blog because it’s my escape. i blog because i get to express myself. no filter. no mask.

i crave dialogue to be heard but to also listen. it’s my way of being connected to others.

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