I had this concept

I had this concept

A little over a year ago, I created this website to show the world what I was going to be doing in Dayton, Ohio. I created this page in 2014 to start writing but that never came to fruition. During my senior year of college, I was part of a journalism class that contributed to the universities online paper, Griffin Roar. There I had to create a portfolio of my articles from the class for a final grade along with some bells and whistles. After that was over, the professor had this idea that instead of a cover letter that it would be cool to hand in the portfolio as away to showcase the content I can produce. I couldn’t believe that that was an option, so during the summer I put in some work to build up my page. Once I received the news that I would be living in community with 7 other people, I freaked! In the back of my mind I was thinking, “Is this the “Real World?”.”

I had this idea of calling my year of service, “Real World Dayton.” This concept was about capturing my experience in a new city, new state, living with strangers, and posting blogs so that everyone could see that I’m having a great time. Of course my inspiration came from MTV’s reality show ‘The Real World.’ However, the real reality was that the program had two community houses; therefore, the “amazing concept” soon jumped ship and sank. Nonetheless, I had great time reconnecting with friends and meeting new ones that I can call anytime and travel with in the near future. In hindsight, if we [me and my community members] somehow revamped the Real World series, we would be more than servant leaders, we would have been pioneers for the program. Can you imagine if we had actually footage?

Looking back, my intent was to show people back home all of the cool things I was doing and to share stories of me living in intentional community, what working in a high school was like and being the youngest on staff, and to discuss what being in the real world was all about. There were moments that were sensitive, moments that were precious, and moments that are only understood by a select few. Every adventure didn’t need to be showcased and plastered over Instagram but there were small insights that you got sneak peaks of. Living in the moment was my motto and it was the best motto for that time. We all had our struggles but in the end we had each other.

Now that it’s over, it’s back to facing the challenges of my own life back home in Missouri. Nothing major – I now have to reconnect with life as I left it a year ago and make some minor adjustments that had major impact. This is no concept, it’s being authentic- which is what my new website is about.

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