The Zodiac

The Zodiac

I have always been into reading horoscopes and getting the scoop on what my day would look like, potential love interests, and so forth. Most days the stars would align and the reading would be spot on and others would be completely off– maybe because I was like 12 and couldn’t quite understand the obscure messaging. Most times I would stop reading daily horoscopes because  they weren’t “real” or someone told me that it interfered with religious beliefs. Again, this was 10-11 years ago so I believed what any older person told me–or the internet.

Recently, I delved back into reading horoscopes but this time zodiac signs. About a two months ago, I didn’t understand why one of my friends were acting weird towards me because they have never done so before. Normally I’m only curious about my own zodiac but that day I needed some information. Proceeding to ‘,‘ I found my friends’ sign and there before me was the “holy grail.” It provided me with friendship, personality traits, lifestyle, and the whole nine yards. My main goal during my commute to work/school was to locate if we were compatible or if the friendship has ran its course. The “light” reading was just what I needed to end my own paranoia about the recent disconnect between us but now I’m relying on it too much to give me anwsers. It’s a shame that I would trust a website shed light on a situation versus just trusting the my friend. I’ve serious lost major sleep over this, but as my horoscope said last Thursday,  “this to shall pass.”

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