I needed a break.

I needed a break.

A few weeks ago, I took a short vacation to Dayton, OH because I just needed to get away. If I wasn’t at school, I was at work and if I wasn’t a work, I was at school. This routine was getting so dry that I went through the motions. Business was slow at work and cleaning the same counters and mopping the same floors were becoming a chore and the morale during the evenings were extremely low. School, on the other hand, was just regular. I show up, ask how I could be of service to others, get no response, and figure out what to post on social media. Nonetheless, this schedule of events became gruesome on my body. Nothing too crazy but those 12-15 hours days were truly insane, mentally. For once, I decided to escape town and have a mini vacation where I could regroup and not focus on a single St. Louis thing. There was no agenda, no focus, no itinerary– a moment to spend time with people who care. In this case, I had the ability to go with the the flow without a sense of time. I got to see a few friends and wander the city. Unfortunately, it’s Lent so I didn’t have social media to tell people that I was arriving but it wasn’t that kind of trip. It was refreshing to be surrounded by those who want you present in their lives, eat Mexican food until 2am, and just feel there. It was beautiful. I look forward to more of those carefree moments and spending it with people who also want to present with me.

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