A Fresh Start Pt. 1

Something about a fresh start seemed appealing; it made me feel anew. I may have mentioned this in a previous blog but this is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now. I don’t like to do things prematurely so I pondered on why I wanted this new beginning. In the three years that have passed, I have reflected on what I wanted more in life—- that’s inner peace.

I felt my inner peace was snatched after being exposed to variety of energies that required so much attention that it was beyond from what I could handle. So much was being thrown at me and I didn’t know how to properly attend said energies and it left me exhausted. I was at a crossroads and it was the first time I didn’t know what to do. My mind was rattled, my soul felt contaminated, and my happiness ran dry. Autopilot is what I was running on. I felt invisible.

My “invisibility” left me to feel not wanted with no will to carry on. From there, I wished to be somewhere that was unknown yet familiar. I didn’t want to know anyone if no one wanted to know me. Little did I know, the moment I spoke those words, I would be reconnected with a a few people that wanted to know me and be connected to me. My fresh start was just beginning.

Leaving the negative thoughts behind yet reflecting oh how those interactions could have been handled differently, I began to isolate myself from the “fresh start.” I was scared, nervous, frightened but the light began to show when I took that risk and opened myself to new opportunity and new beginnings.

These new beginnings brought new life to my soul that I was starting to recharge. I overcame obstacles. I laughed harder than ever with people who care about me just as I do them. This feeling was so refreshing that I didn’t want to down from the high. Soon, it was over but the memories planted its seed and they were ready to grow and make me feel the best I’ve ever felt.

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