A Fresh Start Pt. 2

A new beginning is underway and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking/discerning/ reflecting on what my life after graduation would look like and I’ve been overwhelmed. I want to just hit the reset button and re-meet the people I’ve already met as a cool way to re-introduce each other as who we are today because I believe in growth and change. I learned that people are too comfortable with being unhappy and that’s not where I’m at in my life. Because I’m such a people pleaser it is difficult to remove people from my life but I also learned that it’s healthy in every way to remove that energy from my space.

In order for this new journey to work, I also had to reflect on the times I have been negative and not fun to be around. I apologized, begged for forgiveness, and wallowed in my karma. I have done the homework to officially move forward and I couldn’t be happier. Difficult decisions are hard to have but that is also apart of self care. Self care isn’t always fun and pretty it is also ugly yet enriching in every aspect.

The journey I am now embarking on is one of togetherness. I want to be be with people that are on the same wave length as me, want more of life and more out of themselves. This will look different for all of us but it is exciting when other are putting in the same amount of work as you.

The new beginning path is still in progress and the season of Lent has given me the opportunity to think about it more. I gave up social media and the time I wasn’t on it prior to COVID-19, my days felt longer. I seemed to appreciate time in a different view that before. I also started to think about the things I wanted to do and people I wanted to see. In those moments I began to think about season people that I continuously try to hold on to that aren’t meant to travel into my future. I confess: I’M A HOARDER!

With that being said, the seasonal people are being left behind because I keep neglecting my forever people. It was while it lasted but the show must go on.

It’s time to focus on me and those that bring me happiness. I can no longer take those things for granted.

Peace, Love, & Light.




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