The Road to 25

The Road to 25

The moment I turned 24 I immediately started the journey of preparing for my 25th year on this planet. By the time my birthday came back around, I wanted to be a more informed individual- I wanted to be prepared for my adult life. Yes, I am aware that I can’t be fully prepared because Life loves to throw curves balls (#coronavirus) but when you think about politics and creating your own world, I realized I haven’t done that yet. I’ve been going with the flow because that’s my motto but also I wasn’t quite there yet.

I got into politics. Government was never “my thing” because it didn’t pique my interest prior to me turning 24. The 2016 election was my first election to vote and I was scammed to say the least. Subconsciously, I would partake in political activity with student government at school or doing a quick Google search about popular issues. In 2019, I did my research on the candidates running for office and bookmarked everyone’s website, watched almost all of the debates live and kept a close eye on the campaign trail. I was beginning to feel part of something that I unintentionally removed myself from; however, when a system is working against the marginalized it gets exhausting. Nevertheless, I was became informed.

Reading for leisure also became an exercise. I went to Subterranean book store in the Loop and purchased $90 worth of books. This was completely by accident but worth the investment. Self-help books are my favorite type of books. The activities, lessons, and motivational quotes that fills each page brought out a confidence that I reconnected with. In this trip, I bought a couple gratitude books that were filled with quotes and self reflections, a rags to riches story book and book about vulnerability (haven’t gotten there yet). This unlocked a new vortex in my mind because the only books I ever heard about were Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings…. that’s just not my style but soon I found a genre and I like it!

While those were the two main things that I did I also began living in the moment. What does that mean? It means just that– not having any plans, exploring the city, saying “yes” and “no” to things that don’t exhaust me, and finally just being present. Before, it felt like my days were scheduled to a T with little room to relax, somehow summer 2019 created a way for me go with the flow.

I turn 25 in a few weeks and I feel like I did what I wanted to accomplish. There’s something to learn about everyday and you too can become more informed about the life around you.


  1. Get involved with something outside of work/school. If it’s politics, start locally. Find an issue that you care about and go from there.
  2. Find a hobby. Read, swim, blog!, etc… It’ll help break up the monotony of the same routine. No matter season, find a hobby and rotate.
  3. Do something for yourself. Being a selfless individual is rewarding but you cannot forget about yourself in the process. Treat yourself to lunch, set some personal goals, reopen that savings account and flourish. Self care is the best care.

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