Peace, Love, & Light

A motto I’m choosing to live by because it’s 2020! Little did I know that a pandemic was underway; however, back in 2018 my motto was “No Stress ’18.” This motto was created for the simple fact that I no longer wanted small things to bother me when they didn’t need to. If a situation was not coming my way why get involved? If someone wanted a reaction that led to frustration and was not my concern, I rolled it off and kept doing what I was doing. During this time, I was living in community which required attention and care but for the most part I stayed in my lane. Without being dismissive to my community member’s needs, which were important, the motto was for not crying over spilled milk or things that were out of my control. To this day, I still embody the energy that comes with that phrase.

In 2019, I didn’t really have a theme to go by. I was sort of living in the moment. Every day, month, week, or year doesn’t need a hashtag. It becomes overkill and a gimmick in ways that no longer feel genuine and it becomes work to come up with catchy tags. Somethings I do are random and fun like a #BestFriendMonday, #MentorMonday, WednesdayFriendsday, and so on because they’re fun and I have material for them. This is a topic for another blog. 2019 was a year of just being. I was constantly moving and not appreciating the small moments of each day. Summer ’19 was a time to rejuvenate my mind and reconnect with St.Louis I had money to buy iced coffee and walk to work and enjoy the summer breeze- something I had never done before. The music was good that season.

We roll into 2020 and the perfect theme for the year popped into my head: Peace, Love, & Light. If you didn’t know, our tongues are very power and we must be careful of what we put into the universe/atmosphere. I was just thinking about things that bother me, lol and things I don’t like so instead of allowing those feeling takeover my mind and spirit, I just let it go. Inner peace is what I’ve been working on and achieving forever but recently trying to reconnect with that. Peace, love, and light just stuck. In a way, it’s as if my 2018 slogan grew up and transformed into a phrase to be embodied through language and expression. Less dismissive, more understanding; less abrupt, more fluid.

While everything this year hasn’t been the best I can still embody peace through spirit, being of love to others and myself, and being the light so that better days are on the horizon. I welcome you to do the same.

Check out my 2019 and 2020 playlists on my music page filled with good vibes and memories.

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