The month of May is here and my birthday is tomorrow! How do I feel about being a quarter of century old? Survey says…… i’m indifferent. I originally wanted to do something big around graduation, Cinco de Mayo, and my birthday by having a 3 day extravaganza; however, a global pandemic had other plans, reasons why i’m indifferent. Nonetheless, I’m another year older, grateful to have my health and breath in my body. We turn a new age every year and that’s the thing, i’ll be 25 for an entire year not just for one day. My indifference now turns into me being ecstatic. They say my brain is now fully developed so a celebration is order for my brain cells, right? The festivities will be there post pandemic so be on the lookout for an invitation to celebrate my birth sometime in late 2020.

The month of May is also just a fun month. It’s filled with many other celebrations like graduation! I now have a master’s degree. Three years ago, I had planned [thought about] attending grad school but I needed a break from school- I was exhausted but actual thought of going [to grad school] was not in the picture. I guess “naturally” that would’ve been the next step because everyone else was doing it but I don’t think I would have went. Now that the degree has been attained, the next level has been opened. I’m still in shock and excited that I’ve made it this far. In the midst of adversity I rose like a phoenix from literal ashes in the eyes of privilege and society. I can only thank my family for guiding me this far and handing me the baton to travel uncharted waters of higher education. Forever grateful I am.

Now that I am an adult, what’s next?!? Well friends I’ll tell you when I cross that bridge. A new chapter of adulthood is now beginning and I can only hope and manifest for the best. Until then, let’s raise a glass to the month of May and 2020!

Let’s recap:

My favorite month: May

My favorite holiday: My birthday

My favorite color: Yellow

Highest level of degree: Master’s


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