This week I am launching a new segment for my platform and that is a music blog! In this series I will share with you some of my favorite artists, albums, and songs every Friday. This segment came about after I was listening to the radio on Tidal, my new favorite streaming service, and discovered new musicians and reconnected with old favorites. Whether or not I’m late to the party or ahead of everyone else, sharing is caring and these musicians need to be heard.

When I listen to music, I like to listen for a few things: the lyrics, the melody, vocals, and the overall presentation. I admire songwriting so much because It’s not as easy as I once thought it was. When I was younger, I tried writing and nothing came to mind. Possibly, I was overthinking it? Many years later, I started coming up with words and formed melodies on the spot, sort of like a rapper (a short career I had in high school) but I never recorded them. Vocally, as we all do, I thought I had it in the bag and then I recorded myself and needless to say, I wasn’t quitting my day job anytime soon. In high school, I started creating instrumentals and I believe I found a creative outlet in that way. I haven’t created anything new since but even today, there are a couple of my own beats that I’m proud of.

Music has always been my go to for expression. I love melancholic music. Anything about a breakup or feeling down- sign me up. The empath in me wants to feel what the artist is going through. For me, I like to research the singer, learn about their life and dig deeper to truly understand their writing process and their music evolution. Whenever a singer releases an album, I skip pass the singles (the songs that overplayed on the radio) to listen to what else the album has to offer. I want to see the versatility and in some cases, it’s just not there. With that being said every song doesn’t need to be meaningful or profound and every singer doesn’t need to have a powerful voice. Some songs as well as singers are only for the moment and that’s fine. Refer to 1999-2002, 2006-2008, or 2011-2014 to listen to the wave everyone was trying to ride. Only a few rose above.

I look forward to sharing new music with you to add to any of your playlist this summer! All music will be added to the ‘Music Playlist’ page.

Enjoy. 🙂

3 responses to “Music”

  1. “A short career I had in high school” Yeah, I should have found you more gigs. I was never the best talent manager… It was fun though!


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