Artist of the Week: Nightly

Artist of the Week: Nightly

Nightly, a band I have grown to love in a matter of days. In a short time I am still amazed by their sound. After listening to all of their EP’s and their most recent singles and album, “The Sound of Your Voice,” I have to say these guys are a big deal. Their sound, their vocals, their vibe is just phenomenal.

They have been a group since 2014 and I just discovered them on Tidal (my new favorite streaming service). I can say that traditional pop music has not been what it used to be in a long time and these guys are a breath of fresh air. In an interview, the lead singer, Jonathan, mentioned that he appreciates when their songs from 4 years ago are being streamed years later because it shows that people are still discovering them and it’s a good feeling. I know their are a few songs that I ignored from other artists because I wasn’t feeling it but then I came back to it and gained an appreciation for that song due to lyrical content or experiencing a similar feeling the singer was trying to convey.

My top 5 Favorite Nightly songs are:

  1. Twenty Something/Stripped Version
  2. No Call No Reply/ Stripped Version
  3. the movies & the movies f/Charli Adams
  4. Sleepless Nights (Ayokay f/Nightly)
  5. Black Coffee

I could literally list their entire discography but I will post snippets on my Insta and Facebook accounts as well as link their Spotify page on my music page.

Enjoy my artist of the week!

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