I don’t have time for mediocrity.

I barely have time myself.

Time is precious and should be used accordingly yet with purpose.

There will never be enough time in the day.

We make time for what we want not for what we need.

Time can easily escape through our finger tips— through our memory.

What will we say when time is up?

We can’t get back for what we missed but we can start from where we are currently. We must not dwell on the past and expect the future to wait on us.

Time is borrowed.

Time is ticking.

Time is running out.

Time is relative.

Time can save us.

Timing is everything.

We may never know the time or the hour but we can start with today. Celebrating the small victories. Being present and recognizing what we have. Being self aware is….

Time stands still.

Time gives us hope.

Time can be short.

Time can be long.

Time is anxious.

Time is relative. It’s what you make it out to be. Don’t waste it. Cherish it.


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