Artist of the Week: Virginia to Vegas

Artist of the Week: Virginia to Vegas

Virginia to Vegas is a Canadian musician that I discovered on a streaming service called Tidal. His sound is slightly different from what you hear on the radio but would fit in perfectly on American radio. After going through his discography, I started to think, “Why isn’t he on American radio? Is it only in the northern states? Is the audience streaming the music?!?”

In a recent Instagram Live video, Derik (real name) stated that he is a small singer meaning that he isn’t a powerhouse vocalist. As I mentioned in my earlier blog titled Music that every song doesn’t need to be powerful and every singer doesn’t need to follow suit. With that being said, Virginia to Vegas plays with the instruments in the background of his songs that gives it that vibe I can appreciate.

Since being on the scene in 2014, I can hear the growth and see the evolution in the 2019 album, ‘Hartland St.‘ and in 2020’s EP, ‘a constant state of improvement.‘ These bodies of work made me an instant fan. If we can travel back to 2016 for a split second, the song “Polaroid” is pop perfection and it should be number one everywhere. Back to present day, this is why Virginia to Vegas is my artist of the week and artists of the summer! 

Top 5 VtV songs:

  1. Polaroid
  2. Yesterday
  3. what are we
  4. Losing Touch 
  5. Selfish


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