Exclusive: Why Marc Joseph

Hello followers! I know I didn’t submit a normal journal entry this week but I thought I would suprise you with this exclusive post! It’s probably the most personal but you see it here first and in your email before anyone else. 🙂

I originally created a WordPress in 2014 for my university’s campus ministry department as they sent out weekly blog posts every Wednesday. I never written a blog for them, lol, but I had intentions too…. lol.

In 2016, I took a class for the university’s online newspaper where I was an editor of many sorts and had to do news stuff like reporting and writing articles. While that class was quite the challenge to my suprise, my work was always on the chopping block. I was the example of how not to write an article. During that time, I felt lost. This was a field I thought I wanted to go into but I began to have second thoughts.

In 2017, I graduated college with a degree in communications. I started posting on this platform. It was cathartic. I felt useful but never shared my work. In hindsight, there was nothing to share lol- I was just writng to write. Putting everything I learned to use. Here’s the problem, I was trying to to be something other people wanted me to be. I felt the pressure of having to be a model for the younger students. I was not that. Again, I was the example of what not to do.

In 2018, I figured I would jot down my thoughts in a real notebook but often times my brain would keep me awake in the middle of the night like NOW! Somehow, my brain would shut off after I brain dumped words on a piece of paper or on this online journal. I would churn out a few posts here and there and disappear, come back months later and disappear again.

Fastforward to 2020, I came back and started writing again. This time with no qualms about my writing. I threw away the things I learned in that class because I’m not trying to be the writer for a magazine or a publishing company– I wanted to write what I felt and I wanted my voice to be heard.

This is why I created the Marc Joseph Journal. I wanted to have power over my own voice. There’s been too many times where people have taken my voice and ran with it, silenced me, and used it against me. Not here. Never again will I let that happen.

My work pleases me and it took a long time to get here. I’m confident to share my experiences, thoughts, and endeavors with you! Marc comes from my name, DeMarcus. Joseph is my confirmation name. This is my journal.

Thanks for reading, following, and listening.

-Marc J.

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