This passed week has been a lot to process. There have been protests and there have been riots. Some people get it and other don’t.

Today, was #blackouttuesday on social media. It felt weird to me posting the picture because what was it doing? It was cool seeing a blackout on my Instagram feed and seeing some people take a stand in away but like I saw a few commentators say, “but what else are you doing? The picture alone isn’t enough.” I agree.

As an adult, I’ve become so numb to blatant racism, passive racism, and plain racism. In times like these, I just don’t know what to do because I’m so exhausted. The media never fails at twisting words and headlines to make life harder for others. They love playing games because they don’t have to deal with the aftermath.

This is my reality. I can never run away from it. It doesn’t matter how many white friends I have or degrees I’ve attained. I will never have the privilege to not worry or be in fear.

This is just the surface on this topic.


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