I’ve apologized for my resting bitch face, not being interesting enough, or that I’m “off putting” for too long and now I’m no longer sorry.

I shouldn’t be sorry that you’ve failed to entertain me. I shouldn’t be sorry that your interests don’t interest me. I shouldn’t be sorry that you’re intimidated by my presence. Go fetch a backbone and some confidence.

I’ve grown to learn that everyone will not like me. It was hard for me to comprehend that for a long time but now I am completely okay with that. I’m not for everyone and everyone is not for me. As quiet as it’s kept, some people simply won’t like me for my skin color, that I’m not black enough/ the black they want me to be, or that they can’t put me in a box that makes them feel comfortable. It’s not my job to make you feel comfortable– if you want comfort, go to your parents’ house or your enabler (these two are probably synonymous).

If you can choose to be anything in the world, then why choose to be basic? Basic is not interesting and that’s why we clash. Does the bare minimum excite you? like is the bar that low??? Interesting. If my bar seems to high for you, then we’re not a match. I’m not sorry. Newsflash: Drinking wine is not a personality trait and it shouldn’t be the attention grabber on your dating profile!

Just so I don’t sound annoyed, cold, or bitter (so on brand) I want to share some things that I like to do! I like to breathe, I like clean air, Love to laugh, smile, be joyous, carefree, sing/dance. I like to create, think freely, be a light to others and myself. I love music, love to travel and meet new people. This is just the surface. I hope you laughed and felt attacked while reading this. Get to know me. I’m just as cool as you were when you thought m*scato was a real wine.




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