Marc Joseph Exclusive Update

Hello WordPress and loyal followers!

Yesterday when I got home from work, I realized I never posted the ‘Album of the Week’ and I also didn’t post a blog on Tuesday. My apologies if you were looking for something to read this week; I’ve been busy preparing my EP titled ‘Underground’ which will be available on SoundCloud, August 21st. With the first single, ‘Sirens’ underway I have been working on promo and getting the word out there on social media. I’m excited to be putting this together because music is something I’ve always wanted to do. You may not see me in a vocal group or solo anytime soon BUT creating these instrumentals is an outlet that allows me to fulfill my passion in music. ‘Sirens’ will be released this Wednesday at midnight so stay tuned for the full release.

What happened Tuesday?

I had prepared something but for some reason I didn’t publish it in fear of it being to much of a rant but it’s really not lol. The premise was to state unpopular opinions and things people pass off as personality types when they actually aren’t. The main thing is bringing something else to the table besides the things that make you who you are by default. I will publish ‘Unpopular Opinions: I Don’t Care’ today!

Where is “Album of the Week?”

Last night I thought to highlight two (2) of my favorite albums by Lady A & Nelly Furtado to wrap up the month of June. You’ll get double the music on top of my own, lol.

Thanks for reading and we’ll make it through this next week together. Click the video below for a teaser of ‘Sirens.’


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