Album of the Week: ‘Need You Now’ by Lady A

Album of the Week: ‘Need You Now’ by Lady A

The ‘Need You Now‘ album by Lady A is one of my personal favorites because it goes through every emotion of love one could ever imagine. Some happy, sad, and contemplative, each songs takes you a space and time that feels nostalgic.

As a kid, I put this CD in the DVD player and turn the volume up to the max while pretending  I was on stage singing my heart out with the band harmonizing. Often times I would pretend that group were my background singers. One time my mom walked in the house and told me to turn the music down because she heard it from the corner! I was simply educating my neighborhood on taste.

Depending on my mood decided which song I would perform. If it was melancholic, I play, “If I Knew Then” or “Love this Pain.” I would blast “Stars Tonight” when I felt prosperous and the show was “sold out.” Looking back on those moments make me laugh/smile because when the music speaks, you have to react.

This trio gave it their all on this record and that’s why it’s Album of the Week!

Top 5 songs from the album:

Something ‘Bout a Woman

American Honey

Love This Pain

When You Got a Good Thing

Perfect Day

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