Exclusive: The “Underground”

Hey all! I know it’s been a while but I wanted to check in with y’all. I have put blogging on hold to focus on the pending release of my EP, “Underground”, that will be available on August 21st via SoundCloud. I’ve been doing music since 2010 but was never really confident on showcasing said talent but now I want to share it with you! … Continue reading Exclusive: The “Underground”

Marc Joseph Exclusive Update

Hello WordPress and loyal followers! Yesterday when I got home from work, I realized I never posted the ‘Album of the Week’ and I also didn’t post a blog on Tuesday. My apologies if you were looking for something to read this week; I’ve been busy preparing my EP titled ‘Underground’ which will be available on SoundCloud, August 21st. With the first single, ‘Sirens’ underway … Continue reading Marc Joseph Exclusive Update

Exclusive: Why Marc Joseph

Hello followers! I know I didn’t submit a normal journal entry this week but I thought I would suprise you with this exclusive post! It’s probably the most personal but you see it here first and in your email before anyone else. 🙂 I originally created a WordPress in 2014 for my university’s campus ministry department as they sent out weekly blog posts every Wednesday. … Continue reading Exclusive: Why Marc Joseph