This passed week has been a lot to process. There have been protests and there have been riots. Some people get it and other don’t. Today, was #blackouttuesday on social media. It felt weird to me posting the picture because what was it doing? It was cool seeing a blackout on my Instagram feed and seeing some people take a stand in away but like … Continue reading


I don’t have time for mediocrity. I barely have time myself. Time is precious and should be used accordingly yet with purpose. There will never be enough time in the day. We make time for what we want not for what we need. Time can easily escape through our finger tips— through our memory. What will we say when time is up? We can’t get … Continue reading TIME

A year and some change

It’s been a year and a few months since I really posted something on this blog. I’ve had thoughts but nothing really to form a post. While, very little people read what I post if any, I don’t necessarily want every thought spelled out in a journal-esque format. Sometimes thoughts are just thought- they don’t need to be explained/drawn out for a public platform. I … Continue reading A year and some change